On the road - Comfort, Texas.

Comfort, TX. Polaroid. © Ryan Schierling

There are days in life when you will vehemently search for truth and meaning in your personal landscape, and you will find yourself disappointed. Sometimes, you will settle for facsimile, and discover it still can bring a smile to your face.


On the road - Dripping Springs, Texas.

American Way. © Ryan Schierling


The light through the trees.

1. The sudden light through the trees. 2. The light through the trees.
3. The light through the sudden trees. © Ryan Schierling


7:47 AM.

She was born now, 38 years ago, the second of two. © Ryan Schierling

I was born now, 38 years ago, the first of two. © Ryan Schierling

As I grow older, these birthdays are either a celebration of the year to come, or a funeral for the previous year. There are times I don't know what to do with myself. I wander the house, from room to room, flipping light switches on and off again. I wonder how different things might be if she were here.

Whatever this day brings, she, and all of the paths that never had a chance to begin, are at the forefront of my thoughts.