Kim's story.

Birth of an American Pop Star. ©Ryan Schierling

Have you ever had someone tell a story that you just couldn't quite visualize? Or, that you could picture, but you knew that it really needed to be recreated in three dimensions to fully appreciate?

Imagine Thanksgiving dinner ruined by a little girl who stuffed her Barbie doll into the Tom turkey, along with the onions and apples and rosemary, mid-way through the roasting process.

For me, the biggest conundrum of this was not sawing Barbie in half so she would fit neatly inside the bird's cavity, but the question of whether or not she should be wearing heels or slutty boots with her fishnet stockings.


Space Needle all blowed up.

Happy New Year. ©Ryan Schierling


Putting the ghetto in Ghetto Melrose.

2008, Shep Pettibone remix. ©Ryan Schierling