The Uptown. Minneapolis, Minnesota. ©Ryan Schierling

I've been working on a two-headed approach to a single project lately - my 2007/2008 tours with Seattle band Spanish For 100 will, by the end of August, be presented in a couple of different formats. The first will be an online retrospective, with music by the band (hopefully the only reason you'd ever use music on a photography website...). The second will be a magazine, which is something I've really been wanting to do for a few years now. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress.

Aaron. ©Ryan Schierling

S&S Cafe. Emporia, Kansas. ©Ryan Schierling


Sno-Isle Libraries.

©Ryan Schierling

I shot some reportage for the Snohomish-Island County Library system recently, highlighting their summer programs for teenagers. I also thought it would be nice to include some clean and classic portraiture of the kids and library staff, even though it wasn't specifically requested. They were thrilled with the additional work. Thanks to Jennifer and the rest of the library staff, and all of the teens who participated.



Outtakes - Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson; Slipknot crowd at White River Amphitheater. ©Ryan Schierling

I spent the day at the Mayhem Festival at White River Amphitheater, getting some specific photographs for Mackie Designs, Inc., an audio gear manufacturer based in Woodinville, Washington. Sid Wilson, turntablist for Grammy award winner Slipknot, uses Mackie mixers and loudspeakers, and has a tricked-out RV that functions as a rolling platform for getting his own music - as DJ Starscream - to the masses. The back panel drops, the Mackie gear comes out and Sid drops the needle. It's an instant party.

Many thanks to Shaunna at Mackie, and Sid Wilson and everyone from the Slipknot crew that made the long, hot day a pleasure.
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Denis and Damir. ©Ryan Schierling

Denis: "Man, get me another one of those cheap-ass ice creams."
Damir: "What?"
Denis: "The ones with the bad carbon footprint."


Subterranean Pop.

Sub Pop cofounder Jonathan Poneman, for Seattle Metropolitan magazine, July 2008. 
©Ryan Schierling

I remember listening to Mudhoney's self-titled album (on cassette), in Emporia, Kansas, in late '89, thanks to my friend Gary and his definitively progressive taste in music. Everyone else was listening to Guns N' Roses, Tone Loc and whatever Whitesnake / White Lion / Great White song was popular at the moment. Little did I know that nearly 20 years later, I'd be living in Seattle, Sub Pop would be going stronger than ever, and Mudhoney would still be touring.

Go figure.