Hot Cross Bob. © Ryan Schierling

(Remembering his first bakery job as a young lad in New York City. Transcribed w/ Brooklyn accent).

"He broke the brand new gold-framed glasses my grandmother gave me. You ever get hit with bagel dough? That stuff's hard as a rock. Any kind of dough you boil has to be hard as a fucking rock."

"I pushed a 30-foot stack of crates over on him, but the motherfucker took off running. He didn't come back to the bakery for two days. Finally, his mother called and asked to talk to the manager. She said 'You tell them not to kill my son.'"

"So the manager tells me that I can't kill him, and I say 'Oh NO? That motherfucker's dead.'"




Lyrics © Spanish For 100, Photograph © Ryan Schierling

Jezebel, the terrible angel rose in my brain / She's followin' me down / And I rest upon it, the darker luggage / O, it's fallin' like rain / She's followin' me down


Remnants of the past.

© Ryan Schierling, via iPhone.

"Some days, it seemed like an entire lifetime ago — as though he should be in an off-season tourist-town coffee shop on a beach boardwalk, wrinkled and weathered in the twilight of the day, in the twilight of his life, habitually clutching an ancient rangefinder camera and a thick cup of bitter coffee — remembering her freckles, her laughter, her youth, and that someone loved him like that, like no other..."

© Ryan Schierling



Jone, Ghetto Melrose. © Ryan Schierling


Old Glory.

Van w/ American flag. Ballard. © Ryan Schierling