Heaven is being a memory to others.

For the Frye Art Museum. ©Ryan Schierling


Dario Robleto.

Artist Dario Robleto, for the Frye Art Museum. ©Ryan Schierling


Robes (4)

Laura; Jeff. ©Ryan Schierling


Robes (3)

Aaron; Jeannie. ©Ryan Schierling


A new (old) venture.

©Ryan Schierling

In early 2007, I shot environmental portraits of Venture Bank's sitting board members for The Matale Line. That was quickly followed by a series for Venture Mortgage, with portraits of the company's agents. It seemed simple enough, but the job eventually took place over a series of months - there were location changes, new hires, and agents leaving - with almost a year passing before final selects were made. The images were gathering digital dust in my hard drive, and I was getting a little anxious to move the job to archives as "complete." Finally, picks were made.

These are a few of my favorites.


Robes (2)

Tom; Pamela & Bill. ©Ryan Schierling