Outtakes - Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson; Slipknot crowd at White River Amphitheater. ©Ryan Schierling

I spent the day at the Mayhem Festival at White River Amphitheater, getting some specific photographs for Mackie Designs, Inc., an audio gear manufacturer based in Woodinville, Washington. Sid Wilson, turntablist for Grammy award winner Slipknot, uses Mackie mixers and loudspeakers, and has a tricked-out RV that functions as a rolling platform for getting his own music - as DJ Starscream - to the masses. The back panel drops, the Mackie gear comes out and Sid drops the needle. It's an instant party.

Many thanks to Shaunna at Mackie, and Sid Wilson and everyone from the Slipknot crew that made the long, hot day a pleasure.
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