Un-plug, plug-in, un-plug.

82nd Annual Zilker Park Kite Festival. © Ryan Schierling

We started our Sunday waiting for one cable technician, waiting for a two-hour window to open and close, waiting to end our three-day drought with no internet. Technology is occasionally a frustrating child, unwilling to cooperate, throwing a tantrum of ones and zeroes and disobeying the simplest of commands (pleas). The lights on the cable modem just kept blinking, and blinking, and blinking – no send, no recieve, no in, no out – just power and a tired, blinking cable light.

The tech showed, went through the un-plug, plug-in, un-plug, plug-in routine, and finally had to scale a fence into our neighbor's yard to suss out the problem at the cable junction box. Long story short, internet restored. Faith restored. Hope restored. Connectivity, resumed.

Happy just to know it was there, we abandoned the emails and the internets for Hippie Church and tacos at Maria's Taco Xpress, and to go fly kites at Zilker Park.

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Christopher said...

sounds like a perfect sunday to me.... well, execpt for the waitng for the tech part.

glad you are "connected" once again. loved the post and the photo.