I never really did like the word capture.

Photograph © William Anthony. Tearsheet via Seattle Metropolitan.

I was cleaning out my desk and found this section cut from the contributor pages of Seattle Metropolitan magazine last year. The gaff tape mustache shot was when I was assisting WmA on an Alaska Airlines shoot, the text (at least the portion in quotations) comes from reading too many serious contributor columns with too many serious photographers who are far too serious about pushing the button.

The 2008 article chronicled the history of Sub Pop Records. The below photographs of Jimmy and Ben were unpublished outtakes from the aforementioned 2005 SubPop shoot when they picked up their gold album for Give Up.

Jimmy Tamborello and Ben Gibbard - April 2005. © Ryan Schierling

Gibbard, protective. 2005 © Ryan Schierling

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