Bend Question #8.

Fugazi @ The Outhouse - Lawrence, Kansas. 1989. © Ryan Schierling

Andy Jenkins over at bendpress.com was kind enough to include me in his latest volley of "Bend Questions," along with Mark Whiteley, Ed Templeton, Mike Carroll, Daniel Field and Chris Sprouls. The question this time around was "How important is music to you and how does it inform your life?"

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kctower said...

I was at that show in 1989. If memory serves correctly, the 'waiting room' lyric was swapped with 'corn fields' during the song, and Ian spoke about, and against, the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Music doesn't 'inform' my life. When I was 12 in 1984, I became friends with a kid who just moved from L.A. to Kansas City. His dad was a hippy in the '60s who stayed interested in non-mainstream music. Eventually, punk rock and hardcore punk rock hit and he exposed his son, my new friend, without abandon. The first record, and I do mean vinyl, he played for me was Black Flag's Damaged LP.

At that age, I think it is safe to say that music turned my world upside down, and for the better. At 37, I still listen to and love hardcore punk rock, but never took the music, its lyrics or creators as a vehicle to inform my life. What it did, and still does do, is reinforce the absolute importance of thinking for yourself and doing it yourself.

Thank you for posting this picture. I have a hanging file folder FULL of Outhouse flyers, and even a newsletter with trivia from previous shows!