Cold snap.

Icicles on a dried sunflower head against the white sky. © Ryan Schierling

Schools and quite a few businesses were closed again yesterday, the snow-covered streets iced up like mad and, in addition to a majority of people banging their vehicles into each other like sugar-addled 5-year-olds in bumper cars, a pair of charter buses smashed through a guardrail at the end of a hill and hung precariously over a 30-foot drop to the already buggered-up northbound I-5. Certainly no shortage of drama for a town that has little sense when it comes to winter weather. 

Another storm is blowing in tonight, but I don't mind.

I am only a few blocks from two different grocers, a liquor store and at least 43 Thai restaurants. There is a certain Winnie The Pooh tack to adopt in this instance, I believe. 

"It's snowing still. And freezing. However, we haven't had an earthquake lately."

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