The colors of fall.

Bowling bags outside the OpShop on 1st Avenue North. © Ryan Schierling

It seems like every year at this time, things start to get waterlogged and heavy around here both physically and mentally. Leaves fall, then rain falls, then leaves turn to fibrous slop on the sidewalks. The light goes away and motivation wanes. All you want to do is hole up and eat hearty soups and breads and watch movies while tucked under blankets. The cats pile onto the bed at night. Everyone wants to hibernate just a bit. And so each year at this time, we try to get out of the Pacific Northwest for a brief respite. Some sunshine. A little bit of naturally-occurring vitamin D. 

J and I will be in Los Angeles this weekend, to visit friends and eat proper Mexican food. At some point, I might take a photo or two that doesn't involve anything monochromatic, or wet, or something inside of my house/inside of a studio that's artificially lit.

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