98109 meets 90021.

(L) Thanks, from UTI crew. 3rd Street in the Arts District. (R) Palm tree cell tower with the Biscuit Co. lofts in the background, from the 6th Street bridge. Los Angeles. © Ryan Schierling

We spent two days at the beach and two days with Bill and Pamela at their place in the "biscuit." On our way to eat lunch at Phillipe's, we stopped to check out some fresh graffiti going up on one of the buildings on 3rd Street. Bill's been documenting his neighborhood since they moved to L.A. this last summer and has a wonderful series called "90021" that you should check out on his blog.

It was a fantastic trip, and it was great to see Bill and Pamela again (and Azul, their little blue Chartreux). 

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